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  • Project Reviver
  • Sector Transportation
  • Region of rollout GCC

One of our partners is US-based Reviver Auto, the creator of the world’s first digital licence plate platform. Our association has a simple mission – to make vehicles more connected and make communities more secure than ever. We are working together to launch digital versions of vehicle plates in the GCC by the end of this year. This means, the traditional stamped metal plates will soon be replaced with digital, high-definition displays called Rplates. Notably, after the US, the GCC is poised to become the second market to see vehicles with digital licence plates running on the roads. The aim is to have connected and intelligent high-definition licence plates on vehicles, which will be linked to the toll gates and parking systems allowing accessing basic services easy and a secure affair. The launch of the Rplate, the licence plate of the future, will help accelerate digital transformation of various sectors including transport, security, automobile and entertainment.

The Problem

Despite being ubiquitous, the stamped metal license plate is a remnant of a bygone era that has somehow been overlooked. Reviver works in partnership with MVAs to allow their platform to add additional efficiencies and cost reductions to the registration renewal process. The benefits MVAs experience are also realized in a reduction of paper-based transactions associated with the registration renewal process. Similarly, the effect on consumers allows them to move away from a system that is dependent on snail mail, stickers and paper documentation requiring too many manual touch points and too many trips to motor vehicle departments.

The Solution

The Reviver platform enables the digitization of the registration renewal process and several other aspects of MVA compliance. It allows vehicle owners to interact with MVAs through an app that enables them to renew registration in 21st century form-from a smart phone. Renewal payment transactions take place through the app and renewal occurs over the air. Once payment has been received and acknowledged by the MVA the plate updates itself. Additionally, the Rplates allow vehicle owners a host of unique features metal plates could only dream of- assuming they could dream. Rplates are what metal plates wish they could be, as host to a variety of expressive features they allow owners to change the look of their plates display in many ways with more features ahead on the journey.

Benifits for Government

Data Analytics

Vehicle data analytics helps in reducing crime rate and improving law enforcement.


Subscription based parking. Virtualize parking and eliminate parking meters.

Virtual Tolling

Automatic toll payments using secure RFID technology. Virtual tolling with geofencing.

Non-Renewed Plates

Simplified and convenient registration & renewal through mobile app. Invalid registrations are flagged preventing counterfeit plates

Awards & PR

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Reviver Award List

  • 1 Stevie Silver Award - Winner of Best New Product Award, Featured at CONNECTIONS Conference
  • 2 Smart Transportation Solution Award at the 8th International Smart City Expo in Dubai
  • 3 2019 Global Media Award at the SEMA Show
  • 4 CNN: Digital license plates in California
  • 5 Digital License Plates Hitting the Streets of California
  • 6 The latest fundraising method for charity: Digital license plates
  • 7 Sacramento Seeing Success in Digital Plates Pilot ADOT and DPS collaborate to ensure technology is safe 
  • 8 Digital License Plates Fully Authorized in Michigan
  • 9 Digital license plates now available as option for Arizona motorists
  • 10 MDOT MVA Tests Digital License Plates In Maryland
  • 11 Forbes: Customizable Digital License Plates


The world’s first digital license plate.

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